In WHM version 11.44, cPanel added a notification for upgrading ones OS to CloudLinux, to help secure webhosting environments. This isn’t ideal for all situations, but there isn’t an obvious way to disable it. Look no further! You can easily disable this notification by adjusting one line in a file on your server.

If you are seeing this in your EasyApache interface, and you don’t want to anymore, the solution is simple.


Logged in to your server via SSH as root, run this command on your server:

grep disable_upgrade /var/cpanel/easy/apache/cache/manage2_cloudlinux.yaml

This is the line you want to change:

disable_upgrade: 0

Just edit that file with your favorite command line editor, and changed that line to this:

disable_upgrade: 1

Then, next time you run EasyApache, you’ll see that the alert is disabled.