As a cPanel administrator, we sometimes need to get cPanel to do a little extra work for us. Especially if we’re running applications that cPanel isn’t necessarily aware of, or managing. Today we’ll talk about getting cPanel to add extra files to your backups.

To add extra files to the list of things that cPanel backs up, you just create and then add information to files in /var/cpanel/backups/extras/. The files in the directory can be named anything at all, but each item you want backed up myst be separated by a new line, and must be a full path to include in the backup.

For example, let us create this file:


And let us populate that file with the following contents:


In this case, the file stuff.txt and the folder thistoo would be backed up, but the entry alsothis would not be backed up, because it is not a full path.

I can think of at least a few ways that this would be helpful, and have already used it on one of my servers. Hope it helps you as well!