Sometimes when we’re setting up menus on a larger website, we may want to use a heading for a subset of pages or links without wanting to create a page to match that heading. It’s actually pretty (unintentionally, I think) simple to accomplish that, using WordPress’s custom menus.

A) In your WordPress admin interface, navigate to ‘Menus’ under ‘Appearance’

No Link Menu Header WordPress 1

No Link Menu Header WordPress

B) Click ‘create a new menu’, name your menu, and click ‘create menu’


C) (this one has a few steps in one image)

  1. Add your URL
  2. Type the header you want to use
  3. Click ‘Add to menu’
  4. After it appears in your menu, click the drop down to see the options.
  5. Remove the URL from the URL box
  6. Click ‘Save Menu’.


That’s all there is to it! After your menu is saved (and you have set your site to use the menu under ‘manage locations’, navigate back to your website and you’ll see the header is there, and isn’t a clickable link anymore!